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I was recently diagnosed with a prostate infection. Although I’m fine now after treatment with some antibiotics, I want to know the cause of the condition and how to prevent future events.

Prostate infection (prostatitis) can be acute (in which case it has much more pronounced and dangerous manifestations) or chronic. Risk factors include advanced age. (The most common prostatitis is said to occur in men over the age of 50). We can also speak of catheter insertion, urinary tract infections (they are relatively common in the population) or pelvic injuries. You are more likely to have prostatitis, even if it was diagnosed earlier in life. Last but not least, diagnosing people with HIV also means an increased risk of prostatitis. In addition, chronic bacterial prostatitis can be caused by a poorly treated urinary tract infection. Bacterial prostatitis is often treated with antibiotics. But keep in mind that using it doesn’t have to last just a week or two. Often a treatment of 6 months or longer is required. Since prostatitis for men causes a number of problems, it is certainly worth knowing what measures can be taken to prevent it from appearing. Or, say, a little later. First of all, avoid being unprotected and casual. Use a condom if you don’t know each other very well and don’t have STI test results. Also, don’t ignore urinary tract infections.

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