Wike sues judges to uphold judicial oath

The governor justified his appeal with the prevailing political uncertainty in the country that has put constant pressure on democracy and the rule of law.

Wike made the indictment in Abuja Friday at the launch of the book “Legal Paradigm in Nigeria: A New Direction in the Study of Law and Practice,” in honor of retired Supreme Court Justice Hon. Justice Abdul Aboki.

He emphasized that the country and its democracy can only survive as the justice system is strong and alive, stressed That the judicial power would be considered dead when the public’s trust is lost in its ability to defend the rule of law and deliver free and equal justice to all.

The judiciary is dying where it lies in a coma and removed from the citizens’ aspirations for good governance, the rule of law, the protection of fundamental rights and the guarantee of free and fair elections.

The judiciary dies when it can be easily manipulated; when justice can be obtained; when the injustice is brought to justice instead of justice to the injured parties; or when resorting to self-help and other remedies outside the law becomes the preferred norm by citizens.

He said that despite the multiple of the problems facing the country, Nigerians still rely on the country’s judiciary to save the country by guaranteeing justice, equality and equality for every citizen.

Nevertheless, this is only possible when the judiciary is able to assert itself without fear or favour, uphold the truth at all times and stand up to any other power or government attempting to fulfill its constitutional responsibilities, powers and processes. undermine or nullify.

Justice can be delayed, which is not acceptable, but it must never be denied or denied for the judiciary to serve as an effective watchdog of our democracy and thwart the evil intentions of the enemies of the people‘ said Wick.

He further claimed that effective and efficient administration of justice is essential to defend democracy, uphold the rule of law, protect fundamental human rights and promote economic development.

So let’s continue to call on the federal government to strengthen our justice system by solving the challenges that call for judicial effectiveness, as I did in Rivers State, where we prioritized the independence of the judiciary and employment. and have improved living conditions of our judges immeasurably‘ cried Wick.

He also accused political parties and party leaders from showing utter arrogance and contempt for the electoral laws and the democratic process in their actions and behaviour.

He warned that Nigerians are becoming increasingly anxious about the success of the expectant general election, and the survival of the countries democracy after 2023.

He said; “The federal government continues to undermine the rule of law, while political parties and party leaders continue to display utter arrogance and disregard for electoral laws and the democratic process in their actions and behaviour.

With cries of injustice, discrimination and inequality everywhere and with the increasing instability and deterioration of law and order, only ignorance would believe that Nigeria is not headed for the hard rocks.

The governor praised Hon. Judge Aboki, for his illustrious career, immeasurable service and contributions to the growth of the legal profession, democracy, the rule of law and the advancement of the country.

He described Hon. Justice Aboki, as a consummate lawyer who has indelibly etched his name in the sands of time and legal history.

Although judges have different social, economic and political beliefs, Hon. Judge Aboki prides itself on the progressive rank of standing up for what is right and just and believes that the law and constitution, as interpreted and enforced by the courts, should both protect and promote the unity and well-being of the nation and its people.

Governor Wike thank you those who have taken the initiative to carefully put the book together. According to him, the book will provide: an insightful measure of the life, career and philosophical undercurrents underlying Hon. Justice Aboki’s approach and views on law, society, judgment and justice among other things.

For his part, Kogi State Governor Yahaya Bello commended Judge Aboki for his faithful service to the nation.

He also praised Governor Wike for his tenacity and ability to bring truth to power.


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