Zimbabwe president barred from Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

King Charles III has rejected Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s request to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

Mnangagwa had previously requested in a letter of condolence to the king to attend the queen’s funeral, despite not being included in the list of world leaders invited by Buckingham Palace to the funeral.

The King, in a statement from the Deputy of Main Correspondence, Mrs. Jennie Vine, and obtained by Saturday PUNCH, stated that the Zimbabwe president’s request was rejected due to reports of human rights violations in his country.

The statement read in part: “His Majesty King Charles III has asked me to inform you that President Mnangagwa’s request cannot be granted because it goes against the restrictions, including those on travel, that the United Kingdom has in respect of many of the Zimbabwean government leaders and those associated with them. There is also concern about confirmed reports of human rights violations in Zimbabwe.

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“As you indicated in your supplemental letter, other world leaders, including those from Africa, have been invited and we note your concern that President Mnangagwa has not been invited and for good international relations he should, but the restrictions are still in place. always applicable. ”

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